lunedì 12 gennaio 2009

Fighting Food Frauds

Recent news have been diffused about the impounding of 3 tons of gone off food products or in bad storage conditions in Campania Region (Southern Italy). In particular in a warehouse of a wholesale firm providing with food products supermarkets and restaurants in Campania, 50 kg of canned tomato juice have been found expired 10 years ago. In addition in a supermarket 100 kg of food products have been impounded because stored in inadequate manner.

During these days I have paid great attention to the problem of food frauds also because, during this period of economic crisis, families and consumers are facing severe budget problems thus proportionally increasing the risk to be victim of this kind of crimes. Having less money to spend, people tend to choose food mainly on the base of price: when it is necessary to save money consumers are particularly vulnerable to the risks linked to food frauds. Furthermore, during economic crises, fraudolent firms try to maximize their profits reducing costs thus using and selling bad raw and end products.

Fighting this kind of crimes represents a critical step first of all to protect consumers' health in their food purchase. In addition honest firms are damaged by these criminals in terms of reduced competition and market quotas caused by the adoption of low quality and unexpansive stuff by fraudolent firms. There is also a loss of prestige for honest firms often involving entire sectors of our agrofood industry.

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