mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

United for Global Change

"United for Global Change" is something more than a slogan: it has become an urgent need. In particular in this period we everyday are suffering the effects of the ethical, economic, social, environmental and political decline over the whole planet.

 It is important to evidence the strong interrelations among different situations and events which involve different dimensions, realities and places. Everithing has often the same cause and basic source because all this is connected to an unique culture of robbery and pillage towards the environment and the mankind: this culture has infected all the aspects of our life.

The environmental catastrophe in New Zealand is another evidence of the negative consequences  on the environment of the dictatorship of the economy of oil: despite of great technological potentials, we are not able to overcome the pressures of the oil industry. Everyday we receive new kinds of mobile phones or tablets but our technology is not enough to support a diffused use of sustainable equipments in the energy sector. Economic and financial elites continue in producing huge richness for few beneficiaries damaging the whole planet and mankind.

But even in the italian politics we are coping with such mechanisms. The recent breakdown of the italian government highlights how the common interest of the italian society (presently facing a severe economic crisis) is not worth focusing adequate attention by the same government: this crisis has been amplified by a political unwillingness and incapability in these politicians interested only in defending their interests and in avoiding the rule of the Law.

We urgently need a great change. For this reason I enclose the info about the meeting in Rome next Saturday (Oct. 15th) for a great manifestation of the italian "indignados"

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