mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

The Closedown

I've always discussed in this blog about the narrow-mindedness and blindness in the Italian society: this condition is translated often into incapability in imagining a future, in leaving space to talents, in innovating, in designing and planning forms of sustainable changes. This blindness implies always a sad and mere management of a "present time" according to the philosophy of improvisation, hoping in a miracle and "things will go better by their own".

 In these recent days I've noticed that this blindness is accompanied by a dramatic closing down in many economic, business and productive activities. While walking in the center of the city where I live I have seen a remarkable number of closed shops. Probably this is an effect of the VAT increase (21%) which  rather obviously doesn't support economic activities. Families have very little to spend now and moreover the increase in prices are considerably more significant than the mere VAT increase. This is an economic short circuit.

These two facets of the medal are complementary because this closing down involves mainly a large sector of the electorate supporting the present prime minister and his government. Blindness produces closures. Relying on a mere present survival in politics produces closures in economy. Blocking creativity and the spirit of initiative initially produces economic closures: then social failures and exclusion.

In the meantime the "small economy" is dying. Above all young people have to cope with a situation where all the possibilities to find a job opportunity are "closing down".

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