giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Less Finance, More Jobs

First of all I would like to apologize myself for the word pun in this post' title. Yet  this word pun gives me the occasion to make some considerations.

 First of all, this is one of the more cited slogans in the streets of America in these days: thousands of people are protesting in the streets against the economy of financial speculators and managers producing huge richness on the people, workers', communities' skin. How can we tolerate, also here in Italy, that someone can become rich making the rest of the society poor? Is it normal that big corporations are increasing their profits after continuing cuts in the workforce? Is it normal?

I believe that this is the key-topic of the issue and I support these men and women protesting in these days. And if America is moving, maybe we can have something to learn also in Italy where apathy, injustice and inequality are ruling.

We are thus talking about jobs. And it gives me the occasion to remember Steve Jobs who recently  died. I don't know if Mr Jobs was good or bad but I'd like to think about the story of his life. Many times I wonder: can we imagine a man like Mr Jobs in Italy?

I've to say "no". A person with great talent, as Mr Jobs surely was, has no possibility to emerge in Italy where we are sinking in the mediocrity. Italian society is based on know who rather than know how: there is great mistrust towards innovators, who has spirit of initiative, who tries to change. With this mentality and the politicians we currently have, we in Italy usually choke individuals like Mr Jobs in the crib.

Nobody of us is surely like Mr Jobs (let alone myself) but how many people are suffering in Italy this feeling of continuing frustration? How many people feel this repression of their creativity and sense of initiative? How many people with good ideas, skills, expertize have been excluded and bypassed by an idiot? How many people have no opportunity to demonstrate their ability and skills? Has this society any trust and interest in you?

Someone told me that Mr Jobs was an excellent businessman. That's good. But everyday in Italy we have in front of us a typical example of the italian businessman: he doesn't invent or make anything, he only deceives other people. And he founds his fortune on deceiving people. This is the opposite of Mr Jobs' spirit: and it explains many things...

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