venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Urban Agriculture

One of the most frequent issue I discuss here is my attempt to denounce the urban aggression against the country and the invasion of buildigs and speculations in many rural areas. Our contryside is under attack too often in the general indifference.

I have often stated that one of the main cause of this situation is the incapability, unwillingness and irresponsability of too many local public administrators who should protect local public goods instead of selling them to speculators. We are thus suffering a proces of urbanization of the countryside: for this reason all the initiatives directed to ruralize our ugly cities and towns should be considered in a specific proper attention. One of these initiative is urban agriculture.

The term "urban agriculture" defines any form of agricultural production made inside an urban area, This includes food production (crop, livestock, dairy, mushrooms, etc.) aquaculture, flowers, etc. These produtions may involve small gardens or even great size production structures.

Urban agriculture is a reply to well defined food needs, but it also supports many other activities, such as improvements of the quality of life in many suburbs, social cohesion, entertainment activities, etc.

In the US and in many European countries urban agriculture is also a reply to the low quality of many food products sold in the supermarkets. For this reason people use all the spaces available: abandoned areas, terraces and so on.

In Italy urban agriculture is very diffused as well: above all in Rome, Turin, Neaples, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Palermo and also in many small towns. At least 40% of italians are involved in these activities in small gardens, in terraces and other spaces for house productions.

For many italians, urban agriculture offers the possibility to have genuine food, but a lot of people finds that, manual agricultural works are good occasion to improve physical and mental health. Often many associations, schools and wise municipalities are joint together in many agricultural initiatives and projects held in urban areas where food production and environmental and social committment are strictly linked.

Urban agriculture implies a direct people participation to achieve greener and better urban areas involving in particular children and their families.

I would like to express my admiration to these persons who, with their initiatives, provide relevant contributions not only to improve the quality of life of our cities, but also contribute to a political and social change.

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