lunedì 2 maggio 2011

The Bin Laden's Death

The recent news about the Bin Laden's death have circulated very soon everywhere in the world.

Maybe it could be a strange historical coincidence, but this death has arrived in a particularly critical moment for the entire arab world. These countries are in fact under a phase of great change and transformation.

In brief this great process of change surely will embrace and involve also the end of this figure and the related consequences.

Can we now imagine a really different future for the whole world? Can we imagine an effective cohabitation among different cultures and a peaceful life for different communities? Can we imagine now a different way to use so many resources towards the survival of our planet Earth instead of terrorism and the fight against terrorism?

It could be fine to answer "yeah" to these questions and, like in the good old films, imagining a great happy end. On the contrary, I don't feel so optimist...

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