mercoledì 5 maggio 2010

Italian politicians go home! But not too literally...

The last italian scandal involving a (former) minister (he has presented yesterday his resignation) is evidencing once again the innatural relation between politics and the sense of limit in Italy.

First of all, there are many doubts about the way through which the entire story has been managed: at best, a dramatic ingenuity and stupidity, actually not suitable for a minister, clearly emerged which could be estremely dangerous in the conduction of ministerial duties. So I wonder if its better to be considered a stupid, a liar o a corrupted minister. (I don't know actually which one among these options the former minister has choosen...)

Another peculiar aspect of this affaire is that once again everything is focused on a house. It's not the first time that italian politicians are involved into strange affairs centered on luxury houses bought or given for rent at very (too) cheap prices. This people must have some problem: surely not economic problem but at least a psychological one.

It is true that in Italy the best way to speculate is to invest in the real estate sector but it seems to me that there is also a pathological relation with this symbol of stability which, in one way or another, materializes the desire for privileges. A luxury house, obtained thanks to a preferential "lane", becomes the expression of the privilege resulting from power as with the "palaces" or "manors" of the ancient Lords.

In conclusion it emerges the reality of an atavist misery and poverty, passed through centuries, generation after generation, which, after having grabbed money and power, finally find a vent: this is the umpteenth revenge of Mr Calò from the romance "The Leopard"...

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