mercoledì 17 marzo 2010


The squalor of italian politics during these weeks has reached such a level to become impossible for me to talk about politics: menaces, insults, legal actions, collusions have canceled the discussion over the real problems of our country.

While these politicians are playing with Risiko, problems remain unsolved and above all italian families have to deal with increasing difficulties in everyday life. From the electoral campaign for the regional elections only squabbles are emerging: no ideas, no proposals, no projects to support job creation, environment, public services, culture.

In the meantime, the problem of "Job" still remains open above all for young people and women. Italian politicians are unable to think, imagine, project future. For this reason young people and women are the main victims of this inability.

For this reason I would like to highlight the issue of "womenomics" related to the important role women may play in economic, political and social development processes. The continuing marginalization of women in Italy involves relevant costs the entire society everyday has to pay.

I thus evidence the following links (in italian):
Perchè l'Italia ha bisogno di womenomics ( riflessioni a confronto

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