martedì 2 marzo 2010

Open the window!

In these days our attention in Italy is completely focused on a long series of severe facts: widespread corruption, scandals, dramatic environmental disasters, regional elections and their implications, etc.

Many of these facts are surely important and some of them particularly relevant but they however "distract" not only the public opinion attention but they contribute to push Italy towards a no-return provincialism.

Our society urgently needs to "open the windows" because this unclear air is the main humus for this state of ethical degrade in which we live. While many politicians and entrepreneurs are busy in stealing, cheating, bribes and sex scandals, italian society as a whole is dealing with a state of "suffering" and this suffering condition is more acute where this degrade finds more diffusion and electoral support. It means that more social suffering, more consensus for a political class causing this social suffering.

This is a clear short circuit surely rooted in a cultural short circuit as widely discussed and analyzed in this article (in italian). In the meantime this condition of suffering makes communities definitively weaker and more fragile according to many points of view. I suggest the reading of this article (in italian) about the dynamics of some important social and economic indicators (job and family) in the comparison between two italian regions: Emilia Romagna and Campania.

In brief, with a debt out of control, continuing waste of public money and an ubiquitous media-crash, italian society, even quite quickly, is sliding away towards a precipice: and no one seems to have any intention to do something...

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