giovedì 25 marzo 2010

Recognizing Violence

The current regional electoral campaign in Italy has been totally biased on the problem of the whole occupation of the all possible political power space. The real focal problems of italian society has remained completely excluded from the political debate.

The future of the next generations, the problem of job creation (400.000 jobs fired last year), sustainability, renewable energies, consumers' rights, etc. never appeared as substantial topics for the political agenda.

Other critical elements necessary to build a decent society in Italy such as the idea of respect above all towards women have never resulted as a political and cultural priority.

For this reason I want to highlight this sensibilization campaing named "Riconosci la Violenza- Recognizing Violence" organized by Anna Paola Concia, Alessandra Bocchetti, Eliana Frosali and Maurizio Minerva.

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