venerdì 19 marzo 2010

Trash Politics

Sandro Frisullo, former deputy-president of the administration of Puglia region, has been arrested for suspected corruption: by now everyday in Italy we receive such news about bribes, corruption, frauds, nepotism, ethical and political degrade.

Judges will clarify responsibilties and guilts but I'm still surprised, in this case as in similar ones, for the shallowness and squalor the news recently diffused have clearly evidenced.

It's very difficult for me, maybe for my innate ingenuity, to justify the fact that someone may receive money, while carrying out public functions, for supporting a restricted number of beneficiaries instead of promoting public interests. I can't understand how it can be possible to be "paid" by someone while making politics: the only explanation I can find is that all this may result from an endless greed overcoming any kind of personal dignity.

Anyway: I may understand the fact to be paid with money. But I'm still wondering how it can be possible to be paid with luxury clothes, house cleanings, and, once again, with sex.

What is going on in Italy? Why is there such a sex-hunger with escorts and transexuals? How interpret this sexmania among italian politicians?

I think that these individuals maybe are suffering a real omnipotence delirium operating over very frustrated people: I cannot imagine any other explanation...

Once political analysis was a focus topic of political science: today in Italy it should be moved to neuropsychiatry or psychoanalysis.

Nonetheless, it's such a pity to see these individuals with salami hidden in their pockets and their trousers always dropped..

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