venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

The President Obama's speech and the italian regional elections

I have seen on TV with great attention the President Obama's speech on the state of the union. I have appreciated above all his intention to focus greater attention on the issue "job" through more investments in infrastructures, green economy, SMEs and more support to the middle class.

The key-tools indicated by President Obama are thus as follows: financial reforms, innovation (above all in the energy sector), exports (to support 2ml new jobs), more investments in education and training.

With regards to the financial sectors President Obama suggested to use 30 bls dollars of the money Wall Street banks has repaid from the financial bailout packages and give it to community banks for small business loans.

He said that Banks can pay high bonus to their managers and so they can pay also a modest tax for the common good.

This specch can been seen here

Some one said that this is only rethorical stuff. Maybe it can be true. Yet this "rethorical" speech stimulated in me some reflections when making some comparison with the quality of italian politics.

While hundreds of italian workers see their job at risk, while hundreds of italian workers have already lost their job, while so many families and communites are struggling to defend their everyday life and budgets, italian politicians are interested only in the next regional elections. Power and occupation of any space of the italian public life is the only priority of italian politicians: jobs, health, environment, education are secondary issues completely excluded by the current political debate.

No one of the topics cited by President Obama have at present any consideration in Italy.

The absence of these issues in TV speeches as well as in political programmes clearly denounces how these topics are totaly far from the focus of the italian political debate. So I wonder if and how a similar political class can be somewhat useful and beneficial to the italian society as a whole when discussing only of political alleances, candidates and (never arriving) reforms. The present economic, social and ethic conditions of Italy clearly denounce this incapability to analize, deal with and solve also the most elementary problem and need.

We are entrapped in a dramatic political loop because italian society seems unable to let a new political generation to emerge.

So, just thinking about this human misery (and its huge costs for italian taxpayers), I believe that even a little bit of rethoric may be useful because it evidences that someone is still remembering us at least...

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