giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

Defending the Italian Constitution

Recently on the website Phenomenology Lab a group of italian scientists, scholars and university professors has released an appeal to defend the Italian Constitution. Italian Constitution is in fact under a massive attention by some political parties directed to design and implement substantial modifications.

To this appeal a petition has been added which, at present, has involved a large number of voices from the italian academic and intellectual world.

In Italy often many "talk show " politicians scream about the urgent need to achieve substantial changes in Italian Costitution but they often have scarce or no law expetise and know-how: actually very often they have a very limited personal culture as many TV reports have frequently denounced in the past. So, leaving such a sensitive issue as the "Constitution Reforms" to these ignorant and unskilled people highlights per sè the dangerous situation we are living today in Italy.

This mobilisation thus denounces the great worry from many real "law experts": it means people who know our Constitution as focus of the entire democratic and political life in Italy rather than as management tool of the italian public life from some political parties and lobbies.

The document (in italian) can be found in this link.

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