lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

African War in Italy

The recent riots of immigrants from Africa in the town of Rosarno (Calabria region) have to be considered as the crash of the top of a critical iceberg within italian society. These facts highlight in particular the incapability (in political, economic, social, cultural and administrative terms) in many italian social sectors to manage and deal with immigration flows. Everyone is finally left alone to face this issue: small local administrations, families, communities, individuals, schools. Even if in Italy there is a huge amount of laws, norms and regulations, everyone is doing what he/she wants and what he/she can according to forms of extemporaneus improvisations: and improvisation and hurry often drive to unprepared and sudden reactions, wrong decisions and absurd declarations.

In Italy we are living with an incredible paradox: a lot of people hate immigrants (even when declaring the opposite), but at the end they are looking for immigrants because they can do the "dirty jobs": immigrants can be paid with very few money, they must work hard, they have no claims, they can be sacked easily.

It's a hard life for male immigrants but it's even harder for women.

Therefore, you can see hundreds of them at work in construction sites, in agriculture, nurses for old people, in the streets as prostitutes, as workers in small factories: where hard jobs, there are illegal immigrants.

More than 30% of workforce in Italian agriculture in provided by illegal immigrants : this condition is common everywhere in Italy and it is not a problem only of southern Italy. For many irregular immigrants (men and women) agriculture is the only job opportunity they may have. The widespread diffusion of moonlighting in Italy (in agriculture as well as in all economic sectors) is a sort of magnet for illegal immigrants. "Shadow Economy" is thus an economic and ethic failure.

Italy is considered by illegal immigrants only as the gate for Europe and a transitional step before achieving more interesting places in Northern Europe. This is a disincentive for many immigrants towards a regularization, integration and stabilization in Italy. Also according to this perspective, Italy is a failure.

These "arms" (with no name and face) are extremely useful during the day, but at the evening we pretend that they will vanish: these men and women are only a "crude matter" (with no soul and feelings) during the day, but in the night they must become "ghosts"...

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