lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

H1N1: a big cheat

We all have quite soon understood that Swine Flu was a media bubble. In the same way we have understood that Big Pharma has relevant financial interests in speculating on this flu and the related panics.

Now it is confirmed that H1N1 is simply a big cheat: this cheat has been created by big Pharmaceutical companies with a huge support from many scientists, politicians and Ministries all around the world. Recently in Italy some media and press releases clearly evidenced the economic dimension of these "agreements".

Now the German Chairman of the Health Commission in the European Council is denouncing the dimensions of the "Swine Flu Affaire"

More details can be found here.

So, having connecting the H1N1 virus to the so-called "Swine Flu" has been a correct and precise definition: actually this virus is really connected to pigs, but the pigs really involved in the issue have just two legs and they do not live in a livestock farm.

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