lunedì 18 gennaio 2010

Haiti: welcome to Neverland

I've been highly impressed by the TV imagines from Haiti destroyed by the recent earthquake.

I've been highly impressed by the imagines of such a catatrophic event occuring in a country already devastated by the catastrophic results of poverty, social and economic degradation, systemic violence and corruption.

What is impressing me are the effects of a natural catastrophe added to social and economic catastrophes caused by greed and exploitation of entire communites.

Poverty and corruption make a natural catastrophe even more harder as well as the management of its effects and impacts. Those severe imbalances in international economic development produce their consequences even in these circumstances.

For this reason I suggest the reading of this interesting article (in italian): Haiti una catastrofe non solo naturale (Haiti: a not so natural catastrophe)

Finally we now remind the dramatic conditions of the people in Haiti just because a terrible earthquake makes impossible to turn our eyes elsewhere as we have done till now.

How many other Haitis are waiting for their earthquake to attract our attention?

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