martedì 29 luglio 2008

The Berlusconi Administration opts for lifelong fixed term jobs

Waiting for a modification of the article 18 of the Italian Workers’ Statute which, in case of worker’s sacking for unfair cause implies a forced judicial recruitment, the present government opts for strong measures against fixed term workers. With a norm secretly inserted in a recent law, it has been decided to cancel a rule included in a previous law (which received the EU Law 1999/70/CE) directed to punish those entrepreneurs who abnormally use multiple fixed term work contracts for a single worker. Becoming this deletion a State Law, workers won’t be able to appeal to a judge but just be content of a 5/6 monthly wages as compensation. Of course in addition to a lifelong precarious job.

From the Nesletter "IL FOGLIETTO" USI RDB Ricerca n. 200 July 29th 2008

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