mercoledì 9 luglio 2008

Cato’s Lessons

The most worrying aspect of the present Italian affaires is above all the mentality of common people which finally represents the huge iceberg’s hidden part whose our politicians are the small top: “everyday avidity grows and shame decreases: after having eliminated the consideration for what is really good and right, whims rush at anything and crimes are no longer hidden being at everyone’s sight…” (Senecas). Is there anybody feeling shame for the lifestyle they are trying to impose to us at any cost? Following the Cato’s example and using again the Senecas’ words I can state that “not violating law is a very modest innocence. The duties’ rule is very much wider than the law one. How many duties love, humanity, generosity, justice and loyalty impose!”. The fight is not completely lost until someone will be able to reject the continuing aggression against these values in which I, in a Catonian Way, still trust.

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