lunedì 30 giugno 2008

When an old village revives

A beautiful festival day may represent a valid tool to revitalize old villages usually excluded from main tourist flows. These places often are forgotten and their inhabitants are old people: here together with small shops and other economic activities, also traditions tend to be abandoned. Many old villages constitute an excellent scenario for many cultural and art events which on the one hand may allow local community to re-acquire their spaces and on the other hand may represent an opportunity to stimulate tourism with the promotion of the traditional, cultural, food, environmental and economic resources. A good example of this is represented by the “Pink Night” held in Vitorchiano (a small village in the province of Viterbo, in central Italy) on June the 28th with exhibitions, county shows and events mainly devoted and performed to women. All the places and lanes in the oldest part of the village have become stages and scenarios for concerts, shows, etc.: families, kids, tourists have “colonized” the village to attend the festival from the afternoon till late night. After having banned cars and motorbikes, it has been delightful to meet a lot of friends listening to good music and tasting good traditional dishes with an excellent glass of wine. Finally this festival became the occasion to rediscover the vitality of an old rejuvenated village: and at least for one day and one night, a village beats TV 1-0!

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