giovedì 3 settembre 2009

Where have italian politics gone?

During this summer I have decided to get some vacation time above all from this computer. For a long I have written no posts, I have seen no blogs, website, social networks, news, etc.

I particular I have decided not to mention politics when restarting my activities here on this blog but, considering what is going on in Italy, it hasn't possible.

Politically summer in Italy is ending in a grotesque way; while hundreds of temporary workers are sitting on the roofs of monuments and buildings protesting, while gay people in Rome are victims of severe persecution episodes, while women are suffering increasing dramatic situations of violence, while italian economy is plummeting and hundreds of firms and thousands of jobs are at risk, while information is suffering heavy pressures, while public spending seems out of control with severe effects on public debt, while frauds, corruption and mismanagement are widespreading everywhere, while renewable energies penalized to advantage of fossil fuels, while everywhere in Italy are reported severe episodes of environmental degradation: while all this is happening, where are italian politics?

Italian politicians are engaged in something else: debates, legal actions, calumnies, scandals, gossip, boutades, slaps on someone's back and tough-looking with European Commission, dialects in schools, the emergency of the national anthem...

Politics are absent and when present it is completely farcical.

Someone may argue that, lacking ideas and political programmes and plans, in order to deal with the immediate needs of italian society, politicians can only move the entire issue on the level of a TV show, as usual. Being unable to design and foster a concrete political strategy, the only possibility is to invent any escamotage to attract however media attention. They are using irreality to deal with reality. This is a process of mass distraction.

When will politics finally come back to Italy?

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