martedì 29 settembre 2009

Searching for Italian Research

Next Oct. 5th 2009 a movie titled "Cerca la Ricerca - Searching for Italian Research" will be presented in Rome during a meeting of Science and Research public workers.

This movie is focused on a typical day within some italian public research institutes. Scientific research is a critical sector for a social, economic and cultural development for a society as a whole, but in Italy this sector suffers decades of political indifference which provokes not only financial resources shortages. Basicly italian research is suffering a complete marginalization within the political and public debate: it is not considered a priority or a sector capable to generate material/immaterial richness and high skilled jobs not only by politicians but also by the public opinion at large.

This is the essential core of this film.

Italian scientific research thus is suffering the fact that italian society is fondamentally an anti-scientific society based on an anti-scientific culture where prejudices, superstitions, processions, religious opinions essentially rule. All this highly riverberates its effects also on the quality of political and public debate: just consider the low profile discussions about several sensitive and critical environemntal, health or ethical issues.

We thus need a real cultural revolution: as long as this revolution won't take place, italian research will be perceived as something standing far away or completely useless for the progress of the entire society. After all, without science and education this revolution won't find a necessary cultural humus and any cultural development will be fostered on a rather fragile basis. This is a critical loop which should generate a relevant impasse: on the contrary in Italy this loop is welcome because it creates "not-thinking people, ready to applaud anyone but unable to hold an aware and independent mind.

I suggest the reading of this article (in italian) published on the italian journal MicroMega.

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