lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

The thin line

There's a thin line (thin like a siberian oil pipe) linking the tax evaders recently found by the italian police in the luxury winter vacation destination of Cortina (Italy)  and the italian politicians: their common strong defence of their privileges created and enjoyed damaging the entire italian society. Between these two extremes there's a long number of groups and categories which finally are acting in the same way: everyone is trying to protect his/her own interests damaging the others.

This is Italy!

The problem is that Italy is a land full of treasures and richness (natural, cultural, human, economic, historical, etc.) which have never stimulated the sense of virtue among the common people: the heritage and fortune of this land are a real damnation because they attract thieves of any kind.

Italy itself, just considering the foolish comments of the people who are defending the above mentioned tax evaders, is day after day becoming the "biggest fraud in the world". And the main beneficiaires of this collosal legalized fraud are always the same people operating in the general complicity.

These big beneficiaries are getting richer and richer despite the present conditions of crisis and recession exploiting the italian society as a whole. Italy is thus becoming poorer and poorer not only in economic terms but also in environmental, ethical and social terms.

This authorized pillage of the italian resources is still under way: everyday we are loosing territorial resources, entrepreneurial expertise, professional skills, scientific know how. All this is giving place to mediocrity, criminal behaviours, corruption as only alternatives in these times of crisis.

In the mean time italian politics is never sleeping: it's a greedy monster devouring all even if at present seems to be apparently in the background. The pillage continues....

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