giovedì 12 gennaio 2012


We are so worry in Italy about financial markets' trends, increases in the spread values, Mr. Marchionne interviews, etc. but many basic issues of the italian crisis still remain excluded from the general discussion.

Italy is socially, culturally and, consequently, economiccaly blocked and surely no economic measures presently designed by Mr Monti will solve the problem. The clearest evidence of this condition is the great difficulty in creating opportunities: job opportunities, business opportunities but also opportunities in generating and implementing new ideas, projects, initiatives at any level in culture as well as in politics.

But I wonder: is it just a problem of lacking ideas or is it a problem of lacking creative people capable to generate ideas?

Surely, decades of systemic destruction of the education, university, research and training systems provoked the creation of human resources culturally weak and structurally ignorant: this is a crowd of unable, unskilled and incompetent individuals determining a society qualitatively modest only capable to efficiently act as disciplined consumers ready to obey to any order by any kind of commercial. After decades of politics made of political marketing, polls, merchaindising and shows italians have become consumers of the "political product" rather rather informed and aware citizens.

The italian political class has been responsible as well as victim of this mechanism. It is surely responsible just considering that the so called adverse selection (the wrong person in the wrong place) and the rooted fear of skilled people, preferring political fidelity to critical minds, have pushed away those more talented, skilled and honest individuals from intalian politics and political parties. These parties are now full of unable, unskille and naive individuals...

Italian politics have been in the same time victim of this. Generation after generation, political decision makers became worse and worse: now, coping with many difficult and complex issues, we have in Italy a very modest political class in parliament, in reagional and local insitutions and in any institutional entity where politics have some influence. This mechanism has been then extended to the italian society as a whole.

This is no longer a problem of meritocracy: this is an urgent problem of social and cultural surviving. Today Italy is dramatically hit in its vital nerves: its human and mental hubs. We have to admit that important stocks of intelligence and talents have been destroyed and pushed away from the cultural, social and political scene. We have lost, and we are still losing, critical stocks of skills, capabiltities as well as intellectual potentials which could have played a decisive role within the evolution process of the italian society and its institutions.

Italy is not evolving: it's rather suffering a deep regression and involution. We are thus sinking in a structurally impoverished society capable to produce only nediocrity and ignorance as life style.

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