giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

The TV of the Idiots

I'm not very interested in TV. I watch just some movies I can interested in. Sometimes I zap from entertainment channel to channel and here I have noticed the presence of a long number of TV programmes focused on our real or perceived "incapabilities"

There's a lot of such programmes, mainly from USA or UK but with their italian versions, where an expert teaches somebody about cooking, choosing dresses, selling or buying a house, maintaining a small house garden.

In brief these programmes tell us that:
  • you are not good about cooking
  • you are not good about dressing yourself
  • you are not good about eating and for this reason you're getting fatter and fatter
  • you are not good about combing and having care of yourself
  • you are not good about raising your children
  • you are not good about buying or selling your house
  • you are not good about setting the table
  • you don't know the good manners
  • you are not good about having care of your dog or cat

etc. etc.

You are not good about anything...

Maybe it is true that in certain circumstances an expert's advice can be useful, but in general the final idea deriving from all this is that we, common people, are a heap of idiots or unable children. And our stupidity is the core of the show. Someone tells you are an idiot and you clap your hands...

Perhaps in some cases, this scenario is exaggerated but it should push us to reflect about our extreme weakness. Too many times we are really unable to make what in the past was an everyday occupation. For many people the only thing they can easily do is to buy a tablet, a phone or a SUV. But if you get married you ask for the help of a "wedding planner": if you have to organize a dinner at home you ask for the help of an "event manager", a wine and food expert and so on.

Is it really possible?

We are very good about stupid and no use things, but reproaching a child having a tantrum is a job for a specialized nanny who sweetly tells us how to peacefully live together as a happy family.

We are very good in buying electronic gadgets, but beyond this a lot of people cannot go further: they need the experts' help.

From the incapability emerging from the TV entertainment programmes to the incapability in the real world the space could be extremely narrow. And in Italy this incapability may reverberate also in the political dimension: we have been unable to select a skilled and honest political class and today we are governed by a government composed of individuals, surely skilled and professionally prepared, nobody of us has democratically elected.

Like in the above mentioned programmes, we need the experts' help to get us out of the troubles...

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