venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

The Absolute Vacuum

I've never felt a sense of absolute vacuum like this since long time. Of course I'm not talking in physical  or philosophical terms but rather in political terms. I can feel a sense of vacuum above all in terms of public political participation both at domestic and european level.

Italian politics is in an actual condition of default and the incapability of the italian parties to act in the name of public interests is well evidenced firstly by the fact italian politics is the primary cause of the ethical, economic and social degrade of the italian society as a whole: in the same time it should be noted that italian politicians have been deligittimized by exogenous pressures because italian society showed a clear incapability to refuse such a system for the perverse links existing between these two components. It should be noted also that italian politicians still have the power to stop at parlamentary level any attempt directed to change or seriously restructure the italian economy and society.

This condition is clearly evidenced by several symptoms. The new prime minister, Mr Monti, is moving with a remarkable prudence: the economic measures adopted to cope with the present adverse financial and economic conditions do not essentially produce any harm to the "Lords of Politics". The system actually nourishing the present structure of political power in Italy has not been affected by these measures.
No political privileges and no vatican previleges have been touched; no serious hurdles to the black economy, to corruption or fiscal evasion have been adopted. The actions designed show a very general target in the hope that, within this "general target", also the big fishes can be rather automatically catched by the net. But when the net is too generic,i. e.  raising VAT levels or the prices of fuels, only those categories not provided with political protection will pay the final bill. The usual VIPs can stay safe. As usual. How it can be possible? Jsut because the italian parliament is doing the dirty job.

Mr Monti very hardly can adopt measures capable to erode political privileges or the vatican economic power just beacuse the parliament will impede it. In the italian parliament there's a sound transversal majority which will stop any attempt: the Vatican cannot be damaged, political privileges cannot be changed, fiscal evaders cannot be prosecuted. This parliament is expressed by these forces: how one can imagine that a thief will be arrested by himself?

The final bill of this prudence will be charged on the honest part of the italian society: we all maybe can do more sacrifices but is it worth of? Should I make more sacrifices to pay the politicians' wages????

Another sad issue is represented by Europe. Very few can understand clearly why Europe is facing such an istitutional tragedy and collapse. Very few can clearly understand why in a very short time the european structure, mission and goals should be revised. In this very complex discussion, european peoples are completely excluded. It's just a matter of experts and bureaucrats only interested to the reactions of the financial markets. But where is the human side of the issue? Where are the interests and the voices of the european peoples? Who is occupying the immense vacuum in politics?

Just thinking of this vacuum, it's not so surprising that some days ago, watching in TV some breaking news about the capture of a big boss of mafia we have seen a young girl that, without any shame in front of millions of people, when asked if she was happy about this capture, replied by a big "NNNOOOO!!!!"

Is it surprising?

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