lunedì 25 luglio 2011

School of Wisdom

In these years of diffused human misery, discredit against culture, ignorance as status symbol, greed and envy as marketing tools, when one knows about the presence of a school inspired to a holistic perspective, creativity, development of an independent thought, respect to others and environment, the first reaction is admiration.

Of course this school is not placed in Italy also because such an experiment surely would be hampered by prevailing values, the private catholic school, bureaucracy, those families totaly conformed to the principles of "Consuming and exploting the others and the evnironment".

This school in Thailiand and its name is Panyaden: here children may learn also how to use their free time with useful activities: cultivating or repairing their own clothes. The opposite of the Playstation generation.

In Italy they alsways tell us that these countries are the so called Third World: well, I think that, at the end we in Italy are the Third World with our obese and spoiled kids.

So take a look the the Panyaden site to understand how interesting is this school: it's a good example to imitate...

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