lunedì 11 luglio 2011

Grotesque Economics

Here again, talking about the usual squalid issues. The grotesque economy, made by managers, brokers, fund managers, financial companies, rating agencies, is here again to produce disasters in the name of profit-based-on-legalized-theft, speculations, robbery.

It's true: many national economies (among which the italian one) are surely weak, with high public debt, unemployment. In Italy surely our politicians are corrupted, arrogant, unable in doing their job: nonetheless the economy of fund and portfolio managers is an insult to the real economy which produces real things, goods and services.

This grotesque economy produces richness with the others' money: these financial companies gain money with your money but they never risk on their own. If everything goes well they gain high profits, if not their custormers loss their money.

Just imagine to go to the greengrocer to buy some tomatoes and he will ask you money in advance for it: if tomatoes become mature, the greengrocer keeps for himself two-third of the tomatoes cultivated with your money and give you one third. If the tomatoes get lost, it's your problem: you have lost the money for the tomatoes.

It should be the moment to give this people the same treatment they reserve to us. So I suggest greengrocers, butchers, bakers, teachers, etc. to be paid in advance when meeting these managers and to leave the rest to the fortune and destiny. As they ususally do.

These individuals are smoke sellers. This fact should be clearly stated. It's also foolish that many universities, masters and training courses are teaching such a rubbish ideas.

It's also ridiculous that they named their stuff "financial products": but there's no product, there's nothing.

A lot of people in this way, has created a carreer, a job, a respectable life. But I can see a job in what a farmer does, as well as for a nurse, a teacher, a professor, a baker, an entrepreneur, a policeman, etc. I can't see a job in this kind of activity: I can't see anything...

After 2008, we have expected some rules for financial markets and measures to throw away these speculators in the name of the law. But nothing happened and still happens. Cinisism and greed are still the only management tools.

These companies are still producing profits exploiting the enterprises of the real economy: too many jobs have got lost and too many people are living in undecent ways in material and psychological terms. Fund managers are doing their business with scarce or no limits making profits on the common people skins. While entire communities are pushed towards poverty and no future, someone is getting richer and richer exploiting the lack of capabilities and will to politically manage this situation.

Politicians are on the contrary creating even more favourable conditions to let manager doing their own business: we immediately need the creation of sound preconditions for forms of decent economies. This is an urgent priority also considering the impacts of this kind of greed economy on the environment, public health, people security, world justice and human rights.

And in the meantime the speculators thank you all...

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