lunedì 21 marzo 2011

Italian Foreign Politics

On march 11 I have written here that Ghadafi's fate is signed. When oil rules, there's nothing else to do...

Considering that the humanitarian reasons aren't the inspiration for this war (otherwise NATO and UN should intervene almost everywhere in the world), the first thing I'm thinking about is: who are we rescuing in Libya from Ghadafi dictatorship? I don't know actually and media are not discussing about this topic. What I can say is that they seem well prepared and armed to resist against Ghadafi Army: it seems to me that this is not a pure popular riot or revolution. So who are they? And what about the future of Libya after the probable Ghadafi's end?

Secondly (but not less important): this event pushed me to reflect about the inconsistency and superficiality of italian politics, in this case italian foreign politics. It's very difficult to justify, just in few weeks, a spectacular shift from a warm welcome in Rome as a great State Man (with parties and escorts) to miltary missions with Tornado aricrafts. Italian double cross hits again.

So some mistake has been done. But when and where? When Ghadafi has been welcomed or now while sending our military airplanes? Of course the big error has been made in welcoming a dictator as an old friend. In the meantime I'm sure that the italian government is preparing a safety net in case of Ghadafi success:
"Italian military airplanes? What airplanes? Dear friend Ghadafi, you have misanderstood my acts. I've sent you some State Airplanes to take you in my villa in Sardinia where I've prepared for you a mega-party...

Just clowns. They are just clowns.

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