venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

Delinquent Literature

Yesterday I've watched on TV the presentation of a book (titled "Italian Ballasts") about those impediments and obstacles which hamper a correct growth and development in Italy. I thought: good, another interesting book about what is bad in Italy. But soon I have started to repeat in my mind: "another interesting book about what is bad in Italy". Probably the umpteenth book of this kind! Maybe in Italy we have created another kind of literature: hundreds of books discussing about bribes, corruption, the vatican, banks, university, mafia etc. Everyday, since the publication of Gomorrah by Saviano, someone publishes a book about these issues. The Delinquent Literature

Unfortunately Italy provides an endless list of such issues and, in my opinion, is extremely useful and important that journalists, academics, politicians denounce these problems. But, what's the real meaning of such "delinquent literature" if in Italy nothing change and probably will never change? How it can be possible that having so many titles in any italian bookshop nothing happens? Is it possible to imagine a similar circumstance in Sweden, Germany or in the Netherlands?

What should we do to move a step forward, moving these topics from the literature dimension to the real world? How can we pass from the denounce to the concrete action to change and improve our society?

I think that day after day, book after book, people may become anaesthetized to these dramatic problems...

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