mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009

Xmas thoughts

We are very close to the next festivities and hence I wish to express my personal "Xmas thoughts" also for the upcoming new year 2010.

My thoughts go to who has lost his/her job during these months above all as consequence of financial speculators and political and economic jackals of any kind who have accumulated with impunity a furtune on hundred of thousands of citizens' skin .

My thoughts go to has to paid the bill for whom has made business not risking his money, but using citizens' savings, paying the consequences of speculators' tricks and jokes of the "economy of nothing" deceiving hundred of thousands of citizens thanks to the lack of a system of rules (many times promised but never arrived)

My thoughts go to temporary workers hoping that they may have a serene festivities' time for a kind of life, always hanging by a thread, ususally with no serenity.

My thoughts go to suffer the effects of environmental degradation in the general indifference, to whom is enjoying these festivities in the abundance and excess, while the human existence is going at a foolish speed along a dead track. My thoughts go to those intoxicated by the air we breath, assaulted by magnetic fields, poisoned by junk food and dirty water, oppresed by a foolish climate. In brief my thoughts go to all of us...

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