lunedì 14 dicembre 2009

Strange times in Italy

It is surely quite worrying the fact that a person with a mental disease may hurt a Prime Minister (whoever he is). It is also warrying that all this may happen so easily.

If the Prime Minister is Mr Silvio Berlusconi anything may turn even more complicated because he has a relevant massmedia role and he showed, and still shows, a primary capability to divide italian society.

This event thus highly contributes todivide Italy and to make even more spectacular the "circus" of italian politics.

It is rather pathetic to see how this event has been exploited by italian political parties: the Prime Minister has not been a victim of a terrorist assault or an act of political violence. Nonetheless the political propaganda has immediately exploited the case against all the adversaries and enemies.

In Italy we are living a strange moment. The problem is not this episode per sè but rather the domino effect now in progress...

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