lunedì 19 ottobre 2009

Nobody is innocent...

I've read the unabridged text of the Roberto Saviano' document titled "Lettera all'Italia Infelice" published on the Italian weekly magazine "L'Espresso" (here it is possible to read the abridged version in italian).

I've got to say that this is a very hard document: for its contents and the topics Roberto Saviano as usual describes very clearly, for the accusations he sends and the hopes he stimulates, for the questions he poses and the answers he suggests, for the meaning and sense of a sensitive concept like "freedom" in an unhappy and anaesthetized country like Italy in these sad years...

I have read this letter as a sorrowful and vibrant accusation: surely against a political class which is a parody of a political class. But the hardest accusation, in my opinion, is directed to all of us as co-responsible of this situation.

This responsability doesn't emerge within the great political debates but above all within the relations among private citizens and between the private and the public spheres. It means: a responsibility in the everyday life and choices made by two different facets of Italy delineated in the Roberto Saviano's letter.

There is one Italy made of tax evasion, corruption, bribes, based on individualism and cynicism, on the idea "mors tua vita mea", preying Saints but avid and interested only to money. But there's also another Italy: honest, frank, sincere available to offer time and money for a community. This Italy, which the Liberti's hypocrisy and opportunism is trying to push into an indian reservation, is probably the only real essential resource in this country.

Nonetheless, it is not possible to think that even this kind of Italy is not responsible for what is going on here. We all are responsible also for what we have not choosen because we all are an essential component of the situations around us.

I think that this is the essential core of the "strategy of the anaesthesia" in progress: it is important that people believe that "I've nothing to do with this", others are responsible for this. Press freedom is someone else business, immigration is someone else affaire, as well as the intorelance against omosexuals, violence against women and children... The only really important thing is to have a big mall around and vulgar TV programs to stay at home.

The philosophy of "It's not my business" is the philosophy of immaturity justifying the existence into life of an entire political class which, finally, treats us like children...

Even those contrasting this absurd status quo should consider that they are not here for a bad luck case: they are responsible also for what they have not choosen. We re all responsible, there are no innocent: this is the central core of a real committment toward a community as a responsible and aware political committment.

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