martedì 20 ottobre 2009

Against the policy of "profiteering": a Nobel Prize to the Economy of "Common Good"

We are living in Italy in a period characterized by the ligitimation of "profiteering" as a tool of Government and dehumanization of our society.

In economy it has allowed the diffusion of parassitic forms of financial growth totally disconnected to real production with a legal cannibalization of the savings of many citizens, families and firms for the advantage of few managers. Profiteering as government tool allows in Italy to justify also tax evasion as an economic model or the huge enrichment of some economic sectors damaging others with remarkable increases in economic inequality and injustice. De-humanization makes us just "users" or "consumers" having some value only when acting as such before going back in the darkenss of oblivion.

For environment issues, this form of government allowed, and still allows, the legal cannibalization of natural resources to support an indefinite growth thanks to finite resources and to generate energy necessary to support such an irrational growth.

In social issues, this has allowed, and still allows, to look at people only as "numbers": when talking about unemployment nobody can see the humanity hidden within these numbers or the fate of persons and families whose lives are put at risk with a simple sign of a pen or a digit on a computer. This de-humanization is the base of a cannibalization of entire components of our society.

In politics, "profiteering" as form of government is expressed by a vulgarization of politics making it a TV extravaganza. Politics are a grotesque parody where "fiction" and ridicule caricatures prevail over ethics and responsibility. Citizens may take part in the "res publica" only as voters: yet "representation" doesn't mean "participation" and all this drives to the "Majority's Dictatorship".

The final goal of the profiteering politics is to split our society into sigle atomized de-humanized individuals: communities, as social and economic protection net, must be destroyed. This explains also why public education is under attack in Italy as well as any other expression of the "public dimension". The progressive success of the philosophy of profiteering explains also the deep crisis of those political movements which for decades were based on community and, on the contrary, the success of those have used the idea of community only as sectarian and discriminatory principle.

For this reason, in this blog I have always tried to underline how important can be the promotion of the concept of "community" as critical net for a social, psychological and economic support for persons and families. Similarily, I have always tried to emphasize the importance of those initiatives directed to create "relations" and "links" in opposition to the philosophy which on the contrary is directed to destroy relations and to atomize society.

This is the reason why I have very appreciated that professor Elinor Ostrom has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Professor Ostrom has devoted her research activity mainly to the analysis of economic governance, especially the commons and cooperative behaviours.

I thus suggest the reading of this article (in italian) released on the italian website "La Voce" and this link of the Indiana University dedicated to Elinor Ostrom.

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