venerdì 13 febbraio 2009

Illegal deforestation and wood trade: a congress in Rome

High wood demand, lack of adequate controls, a general weakness in the related regulations are only few causes of so many cases of illegal deforestation which provoke the sudden disappearing of forests (also here in Italy) and the resulting illegal wood trade.

It is difficult to quantify the real value of these illegal activities also because a forest's value is not only "monetary" but also "immaterial": landscape is devastated, vegetal and animal systems destroyed, local biodiversity lost, incalculable costs caused by potential landslides and erosion as well as by the losing of these "green lungs" which contribute to reduce CO2...

How can we determine the price of a forest, requiring decades to grow? How can we calculate the economic value of a 100 years old oak?

It has been calculated that about 20% of world greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation: this thus confirms that not only an economic issue is at stake...

The problem is actually more diffused as it seems and these crimes often happen very close to us: not only in Amazonia indeed...

It is thus necessary, to defend these green sanctuaries, to identify strict norms and, above all, make them respected. It is also necessary to really declare illegal wood imports from illegal deforestation and forbid the trade of wood resulting from these illegal deforestation activities.

Local communites must be however in the front line to defend their own territory and their forests because apathy, indifference and inertia are the main enemies of sustainable development also at local level.

This critical issue will be debated in Rome (feb. 25th) during a congress titled "Illegal deforestation and wood trade". This is a very important initiative where also the EU proposals for a new regulation of this issue will be presented.

The event's programme and details (in Italian) can be downloaded here.

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