mercoledì 11 febbraio 2009

... and now rest in peace.

I have paid great attention, as many others in Italy, to the news about Eluana Englaro's case. I don't want to discuss the pro and against of the issue but I cannot be silent about the squalid spectacle Italy has given on the dramatic experience of a family.

Nobody has cited the dramatic condition of this family, the feelings of a mother and a father dealing with a similar agony and death. Everyone is talking about technical law problems and God's will...

I personally want to denounce the obsessive, irrational, sectarian and superstitious morbidity as well as the complete lack of humanity, rationale and respect with which italian politicians, media and the catholic church have dealt (and are still dealing) with this issue.

It is rather surprising the inability, incapability and immaturity which have emerged when debating and dealing with this case as well as in any other ethic issue.

A weak and doubled morale political class and a medieval church together with too many social sectors ready to shake pitchforks and rakes and put up scaffolds and gallows are trying to push us again in the dark age of counter-reformation and witch hunt...

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