martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Where is the Arab World going to?

While our desperate country is remaining entrapped into static and blocked conditions (with a sad tendency to stupidity for the 150° anniversary of the "italian re-unification"), we should seriously wonder about the direction the south coast of the mediterranean sea, and in general the arab world, is about to take.

It's quite clear that, given the very fluid present situation, a wide spectrum of possible outcomes have to be expected: surely it is extremely difficult to imagine a sudden adoption of a "Western Style" political model also because it is not so true that this model is the best possible and however to be adopted in such different contexts and cultures. In my opinion there is no best models and each society has the right to be free to choose what path and system to be adopted.

The most evident conclusion is however that Islamic World is urging to enter the XXI century. Just considering the huge potential, in cultural, economic and political terms, of this world, (hidden for centuries) one can remain impressed. Just thinking about the impressive cultural heritage and potential of Iran... If I have seen correctly in TV, Iran is the sole islamic country where women were protesting together with men...

In brief, if this great entity should finally resurrect and adequately appear again on the international scenario, the world won't be the same. We have to expect great changes at international level: China, India, Brasil, Arab World they will deeply change the events' horizont in this century.

We have also many questions about the possible impacts in our society. If these countries will decide to strongly undertake the way of modernization, putting apart integralism, fanatism and medieval regimes, Italy, with its inertia and its unable political class, will be further left behind showing an even deeper structural inability to adopt any progress.

Till now, Italy has exploited a favourable international conditions having at the Eastern border the poor communist countries and in the southern one the repressed islamic countries. So Italy has made for decades a good impression when compared to such neighbours. But now the former communist countries are not so poor and the repressed societies in the south are boiling. And now our faults and defects are more and more evident...

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