giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

The Idea of Italy I like

In this period we are living in Italy a phase in which bitches and pigmen are completely dominating the scene with continuing scandals and total arrogance. If I take a look around me I can see very few people sincerely worried and outraged. The majority thinks that after all there's nothing bad in this: sometimes someone shows also envy for these sexual performances and the great flow of money concerned.

The Dolce Vita in this Berlusconi's age is the symptom of this kind of Italy made of tricks and frauds.

I highly dislike this Italy: in spite of this, a different kind of Italy still survives and which I think to belong to. In the following video there is a little example of this Italy I like. It describes a spontaneous market of self productions and solidarity goods. It's in Italian but the message it's clear enough.

This is an example of this "Little Italy": but the dignity it has is extremely great...

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