martedì 15 febbraio 2011

Difficulties in making business in Italy

Some months ago we have conducted a survey about the difficulties in making business (above all related to innovation) in the italian rural areas. The resulting scenario is likely to be rather discouraging: it results a perverse mix composed of objectives problems (inefficient bureaucracy and difficulties in access to credit), training and educational inadequacies (scarce skills and inadequate know how), high risk aversion, severe problems in cultural entrepreneurial terms.

This survey is forthcoming, but the most discouraging result involves young respondents: they seem to be more adverse to innovation and business activities compared to the older generations whe are likely to have more spirit of initiative. There are many causes for this condition and surely the deep crisis of the education and university system in Italy does not contribute to improve an already jeopardized scenario. Young individuals show a scarce disposition in investing in their own skills and capabilities: they have no intention to invest in their personal and cultural growth.

There are of course many young man and women who are involved in many activities; so far so obvious. But too often the operative context is all but encouraging. They have to cope with many obstacles and difficulties because the context not only tends to discourage, but also severely penalizes who tries new ways, new activites, new methods. In brief talents are frustrated rather than supported.

In Italy it is thus necessary, in addition to a system of economic and extra economic incentives, a concrete change and shift in the cultural and mental perspective. If distorted signals are continuosly diffused nothing will change in the way to make business in Italy for young people: consequently "shortcuts", expedients, inertia and tricks will be always preferred.

Even in this case, the Berlusconi way of life hits again.

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