lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

A message in the bottle for foreign readers

In these days Italy is under the pressures of new sex scandals and politics. The image of this poor country is thus severely damaged: it seems that in Italy we all are sex maniacs, immoral people, characterized only by widespread bribes and corruption.

I would like to underline that despite the presence of such scandals, so many immoral people (unfortunately at very high level) and undecent politicians, there are many honest individuals and families trying to survive in such a foolish condition: we completely disagree. we are angry and we are resisting using our remaining physical and psychological energies.

I think that it is important to remind this to the people living abroad. It is more and more difficult to bear all this while so many people in Italy continue to believe that all is can be "normal". Just very few things still are normal in Italy: but we still have some hope...

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