mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Insubstantial being

Maybe there is only one thing worse than unemployment: the fear to lose your job. It means living with the constant fear to be deprived of job not only as source of economic income but also as element of social belonging.

In these conditions one is never free to decide, choice, plan a future even in the short run. If you have never felt this, it is quite difficult to understand this feeling of physical and psychological fear polluting everyday life. It's like walking close to the edge of a ravine knowing that suddenly someone (who probably has a salary 300 times higher than yours) can push you downwards.

Politicians in Italy are completely indifferent to this (thanks also to their astronomical wages). Corruption, illegality, favours' exchange, managers, speculators complete the scenario: there is very little space for honest people wishing to "produce" instead of speculating.

For italian politicians, unemployment and the risk to lose job are typical features of superfluous people. Rather, acting on these fears and risks it is possible to weaken them and mould them like the mud. You are not important as a person but only as voter.

And the dignity of so many honest people and their families, as usual, get lost...

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