lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Laughing Politics

Usually when watching political news on TV o reading political news on newspapers or magazines, my reactions are: I'm outraged, disgusted, extremely worried, scared. Now, I have completely changed my mind: I can only laugh. This is actuallly the only reaction possibile at least in my psychological terms: the alternative is biting TV or eating entire pages of newspapers and magazines.

When I see the prime minister (possible? such a man is prime and minister?) declaring a similar river of nonsense words, with his facial expression characterized by a permament smile (a sort of dam for a tzunami of a burst of laughter) my impression is to watch a funny B-movie than real politics.

Similarly, the wave of indignation from opposition is worth of TV shows than a political debate: how can one refrain from laughing watching these faces in TV?

Shame or the risk of trials are no longer enough to keep down such a system adopted in Italy to manage public affaires. General resignation and an apathic envy towards this kind of people among a large sector of italian society are dramatic symptoms of a severe collective complicity which hardly can be overcome in the short run.

We are living in Italy the phase of deep ridicolous times. But I wonder: how long will this laughing period last? When will we turn serious?

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