venerdì 16 aprile 2010

The State of the Environment in Italy: the ISPRA report 2009

The total indifference of italian politics towards environment continues. Priorities are clearly others: political reforms directed to modify the balance of power among institutions for the benefit of someone. In the meantime a party is claiming its rights to control some banks, another party is dealing with a potential secession, another is engaged in a neverending internal discussion, etc.

In brief, this is a clear farce whose final costs are paid by italian society as a whole in terms of lack of development and energy policies, proposals for an economic and social restructuring, support to the spirit of initiative, innovation, new development trajectories. In this vacuum, of course organized crime is very grateful: politicians have no ideas, while these gentlemen's ideas are always very clear.

The only economic measure recently adopted is connected to some incentives to stimulate private conventional consumptions: it means supporting something old instead of something new. Well, that's the way it is...

As usual in Italy, the phylosophy of "do it yourself" or "do what you want and how you want" always prevails: but italian environment suffers the main burden of this indifference.

Without proper consideration, investments and totaly left to the hands of speculators or local incompetent administrators, environment becomes the victim of the "not in my backyard" phylosophy becoming in the same time a barometer of the ethical erosion of local and national communities.

The recent report on the environment recently released by Ispra, thus evidences the quality of our relations with environment as indicator of a peculiar public dimension's consideration into people mind. The very negative data presented in this report first of all highlights this indifference of italian politics which seems not to have the proper skills and intellectual tools to manage such issues and to understand the critical role of environment as prerequisite for a decent social, economic and health development.

This report (in italian) may be seen here.

In this way, the systematic destruction of italian ecosystems is a shadow accompanying the destruction of the corresponding social and ethical systems: in both cases we all have a co-shared responsibility.

Indifference and lack of information are a powerful weapons for speculators and criminal politicians because, after having cancelled environment as public good, they will try to sell silence, clear air, forests, landascapes as "supermarket products" transforming us into environmental customers: after all they are beginning with public water.

We are so stupid...

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