lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Mr Roberto Saviano's Message

Yesterday night, I've watched on TV the interview of Mr Roberto Saviano during a very popular TV show. I've got to say that in these times in which italian politicians are chattering about generical reforms directed only to cement political power sterilizing political institutions and diffusing the idea that a possible demagogical mass representation may be synonym of citizens' participations, the specch of Mr Saviano aquired a particular meaning for the richness of ideas, in-depth reflections, hopes for an ethical recostructionof Italy. All this of course clashes against the complete void of italian politics.

The Mr Saviano's message is clear and strong because it is directed to those italians who still know the concept of dignity and respect for themselves and for their country. In these years during which only the liars seem to rule in Italy, someone speaking about "truth" is something quite impressing...

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