giovedì 22 aprile 2010

Earth Day 2010

April 22nd 2010 is the day dedicated to Earth: in particular today is the 40th anniversay of the Earth Day.

There are many initiatives worldwide within the Earth Day Network: with regards to Italy the most relevant event is the Concert tonight in Rome. This is surely a nice initiative but focusing such day only in a rock concert in my opinion is rather reductive. I believe that all the days of the year should be dedicated to Earth acknowledging her own identity as global living entity. Considering the environmental crisis which are presently living in, the fact to "scream" the existence of such a Day to make these important issues more visible to mass media is rather foolish.

Anyway. My thoughts go to those orienting their entire lives to the respect to Earth with many everyday choices, decisions and their lifestyles. There are still so many people who are a sort of protection against the economy of wastes, excess, obesisty and strokes... They are the real hope for the future.

Earth Day Network

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