lunedì 19 aprile 2010

Organic food is something of the political "left wing"?!?!

Few days ago, a friend of mine. who supports organic food and lives in a big city of Northern Italy, told me that in the city where he lives organic food is bad considered because seen something of the left wing political parties.

I actually remained quite surprised for this and, after a while, I made some questions to myself.

If this inclination is confirmed, I think we should have many worries about the intellectual capabilities of so many people: I can't believe that cinisism in Italy can reach such levels.

Organic is something of the left? So what about environment protection? The promotion of rural traditions, local typical products, biodiversity, water, landascapes? Do these things belong to the right or to the left?

I think that all this should belong to all of us with no consideration for the party one can vote at the elections.

I can't believe that someone can imagine to decide to eat pesticides or fertilizers just to be in line for a presumed political affiliation. I can't belive that someone may choose to pollute air just for a pseudo-political choice. I can imagine that in someone mind's greed may prevail, determining any choice. But opting for environmental degradation or low quality food just to accomplish a pseudo-political credo is out of my reach.

If so, it could be pure madness.

I'm thus wondering if in Italy, even about these issues, a sort of iper-polarization (as in other domains such as justice, institutional reforms, fiscal policies, etc.) is taking place: it means that a well defined type of mind is occupying any space of the italians' existence. In brief a political polarization can be expressed also in the lifestyles and above all in the consumption models.

So we are living in Italy within a peculiar experiment where, not only the Constitution and the balance of powers will be modified, not only political elections will be changed into opinion polls, but people will be completely eradicated from the essence of their own existences.

This is a process of modernization. A process of modernization of stupidity...

In the meanwhile, organic productions in Italy are suffering a dangerous indifference phenomenon which could be seen as a symptom of these trends rather than of mere economic, marketing or production dynamics: organic is something of the left, it is out of date, I don't care...

I enclose this article (in italian) released by Green Planet : it seems to me a critical red alert.

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