sabato 18 agosto 2012

Walking in the woods...

Due to personal negative health conditions, I have been forced to stop one of my favourite activities: walking in the country and in the woods. Yet today I've decided to take my car and go out to see the condition of the woods in the mountain and hills near the place where I live.

As usual, I've returned back home completely depressed for the state of these woods. Their condition is rather dramatic. First of all I've to say that the so called "woods' maintenance" with its periodical cuts of many trees seems to me sometimes extremely negative. It seems to me that it could be the preliminary step before the definitive clearing of the mountain and the hills. Maybe it'sdifficult to believe that some professors and experts may have a better knowledge of this topic than Nature herself. This is one of the typical feature of the scientific approach to Nature...

Than there's the usual problem of the trash people leave everywhere: plastic bottles, cans, packages and packets... everywhere. Along the road crossing the wood, there's no free space from rubbish. Inside the forest the situation is the same.

More serious problems derive from the fact that going inside the woods there are also "strange" wastes: mainly construction wastes but there are also different kind of stuff I cannot identify.

This situation should provide a serious occasion to reflect about our sensibility first of all  to environment. But I'm not talking about a generic idea of "environment" or the problems of Amazzonia, far-far-away. The dramatic situation of these places are at stake, here, where we are living. The local community has no respect for the place where it lives.  So it's a cultural problem which is very difficult to modify having also severe implications in political terms.

The rule is: not in my backyard. But this is our backyard! 

Nobody seems really interested in defending these places: natural sites, archaeological or historical places of interest are sharing the same fate insipred by indifference and apathy. I think that this community basically hates the territory where these individuals are actually living. This is a real collective madness and crime. We cannot wait for an intervention from "above": we all are responsible for the destinity of these resources.

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