giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Fires of Stupidity

Italy is burning. As usual in summertime. This is the sole leit motif of the italian summers. And finally we all are repeating the usual same old things: these are intentional fires, personnel and equippment are lacking, there's no money to deal with these situations and in the meantime woods and forests are burning..

This is not an emergency because it's always the same in any summer. This a rule. And as usual, nothing happens...

This kind of crimes (as well as other environmental crimes) needs severe sanctions and they must be severely applied: but italian justice is bocked and all the efforts thus vanish

It's also necessary to stop the perverse links between fires and business. Too many people find economic advantage in fires and in the economy of the fire emergency. Burning a wood is still a good bargain. Everyone knows it in Italy...

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