mercoledì 1 agosto 2012


Day after day, I'm convincing myself that in Italy exists a widespread, shared and deep culture aversion, in a very broad sense.  I say this considering not only the low number of people reading books, attending art sites or cinemas to watch decent movies, but also, and above all, for the complete discredit towards culture and the centres producing and diffusing culture.

First of all, I think about the conditions of the educational system, universities and research in Italy, which, at best, are considered  unnecessary things. This idea is rooted in the politicians mind as well as in the so-called common people mind. Often families protest because many italian schools are at risk of collapse or deprived of the minimal functioning goods. Nonetheless, in a more or less tacit way, many families share the idea that education and training are non-use things. In a society based on mistrust and "short cuts", very few can have a positive idea of education.

Similarly italian universities are likely to be fated to a self distruction caused also by a particularly inner adverse selection.

We are thus suffering a reverse Kulturkampf. In a country encompassing a relevant part of the world cultural heritage, everyday we are highly committed to denigrated culture. In Italy culture is not something good (stimolating envy), but something bad stimolating mockery and rage.

So there is a problem of value assigned to culture, knowledge, art. This is a particularly severe emergence.

Politics, totally managed by ignorant and arrogant individuals, stimulate such condition to support its legitimacy.

On the contrary,  we could grow again starting by culture: and not only in economic terms...

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