venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Sick Football

I'm not a football fan. I'm a very mild supporter of a football team but I usually prefer to spend a good time with some friends watching on TV a good match. That's all.

The problem today in Italy is how establish how good a football match can be.

Everybody knows that in Italy we have severe ethic problems involving all the sectors and level of the society as a whole. This ethic drift is involving the Vatican so, not surprisingly, it is involving italian football as well.

Again and again, here it is a new scandal...

Of course at present there's a police investigation so no one has been found definitively guilty yet. Nonetheless the sense of disgust is extremely high: at least for me.

All this is disgusting for me just considering how much money italian football players gain and considering the present difficult economic situation for a wide range of people in Italy. We have also so many people in great troubles with the recent hearthquake: in the meantime these individuals have been corrupted for some euros...

Well, I have to say that I can't give my support to the Italian football team because it represents a kind of Italy I deeply dislike, a kind of Italy I'd like to change.

Probably I won't see the next europen football championship. I've so many other interesting things to do...

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