lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Sad Europe

In these days the idea tha Europe is only a cynical idea is very common in Italy. The fact that no european country is disposed to help Italy in co-sharing the implications of the "immigration emergency" from North Africa is likely to confirm this idea. Actually, this is nothing new. So many times it has been stated that Europe as we know it is only an European Union for banks, managers, financial institutions, businessmen. That's all. Too often Europe is materialized only in an ossified bureaucracy, a strong Commission and a weak Parliament. Too often many divergences have emerged: there's no common foreign policy, no common defence policy, no common reserch, education and university policy.

Nonetheless I believe that all this can explain only partly the entire problem and the causes of the "iced reaction" from Europe towards the italian call for support. I wonder if the european denial can result also from the inconsistency of the foreign policy pursued by the italian government so far. In addition the sole foreign policies pursued by Italy in these years have been supported only by personal contacts of the italian prime minister.

A "personal" foreign policy, without any strategy and direction, can hardly produce sound results. Moreover, this personal policy has been based only on "sympathy" and opportunism: sympathy for Putin, Lukashenka, Ghadafi, W. Bush, etc.

A "sympathy" policy implies the other side of the coin: "antipathy". Several times the italian prime minister has shown a real antipathy for some european leaders such as Angela Merckel who was subjected to many slights and insults. And at the end, antipathy becomes a reciprocal feeling and finally one pays for this...

Unfortunately, there is an additional factor. Everyone has travelled abroad in these years or has contacts at international levels perfectly knows that italian prestige abroad has touched the lowest level possible as never before. Abroad the personal affaires of the italian prime minister, and the thousands of italians supporting him, have generated an image of Italy made of clowns, charlatans, sex addicts, dodgers, rascals, ecc... The worst clichès about Italy have exacerbated. It's very difficult to keep the distance from this and trying to show that not all the italians are the same. There's something else in Italy but this is a very difficult task with these politicians and their entourage of crawlers.

Well I think that all these things, put together, can have an influence. I think that Europe can't stand us no longer and, at least in these weeks, Europe is doing its best to show it.

It is urgently necessary a little bit of dignity to change and gain esteem at home and abroad.

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